Do you want to learn the Italian language?

Here you can find free Italian video lessons on-demand, Italian learning podcasts and other content that will help you speak Italian fluently

This webpage is aimed at those who are studying or learning Italian as a second or foreign language.

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Here I publish Italian video lessons

If you are learning the Italian language and are looking for online lessons to improve your level, you've come to the right place!

If you wish to speak Italian well, this site is for you!

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The main sections of this webpage:

What is

Unlearning Italian ( is a webpage for those who are learning Italian as a foreign language. On this page I publish Italian language lessons and video tutorials for those who wish to expand their vocabulary and speak Italian better.

Here you can find:

  • lessons about the Italian language and grammar;
  • lessons about Italian vocabulary that will help you learn new Italian words, phrases, sayings and idioms;
  • intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1/C2) Italian lessons;
  • Italian learning podcasts for those who wish to improve their level;
  • video tutorials in which I explain the most common Italian idioms and sayings;
  • a free, online course to get from intermediate level Italian to advanced level Italian;

What's the point of this site?

The main goal of this site is to help learners of Italian improve their level and speak better Italian. In other words, this site is a platform where I publish free Italian language video lessons aimed at non-native speakers who would like to speak fluent Italian.

My goal is to help learners of Italian all around the world speak Italian fluently and naturally. If you wish to speak good Italian, this site is for you!

Note: This site is not suited for those who are looking for funny vlogs to learn Italian automatically and without effort. This is NOT a vlog and I'm not trying to be cool. Here I publish Italian language lessons. I would like to place emphasis on the word "lessons". My priority is not creating funny videos, my priority is creating content that is effective for learning.

Who are these videos aimed at?

On this site I publish videos aimed at:

  • those learning Italian as a foreign language;
  • those attending Italian language courses or lessons;
  • those studying Italian at university, in a language school or with private language instruction;
  • those learning Italian by themselves, for instance watching YouTube videos;
  • those who wish to speak good Italian.

Like I said in the previous paragraphs, this site is geared towards non-native speakers of Italian and the videos published here should be understood as online Italian language lessons.

What are these lessons about?

In my lessons I discuss various topics related to the Italian language and grammar. Even though most lessons are about vocabulary and colloquial Italian, I also publish lessons about grammatical topics. Below you can find an overview of the topics I discuss in my video lessons:

  • spoken Italian and informal phrases used in today's Italian;
  • Italian idioms;
  • Italian proverbs;
  • Italian sayings;
  • Italian set phrases (fixed phrases);
  • Italian idiomatic phrases;
  • untranslatable words and phrases;
  • Italian phraseologisms;
  • Italian slang and colloquial expressions;
  • Italian words that aren't typically explained in Italian courses;
  • colloquial and informal Italian;
  • most common mistakes in Italian (the errors most frequently made by those learning Italian as a second language);
  • the most difficult words for those learning Italian as a foreign language;
  • fun facts about the Italian language;
  • complex topics related to the Italian grammar (eg. pronominal verbs, double pronouns, article use, double consonants, the subjunctive mood, advanced level grammar, etc).

If you are interested in a specific topic (eg. you are interested in Italian idioms but you don't care about the Italian grammar), I suggest that you enter the relevant section of this site.

Are these lessons suited for your level?

These lessons are entirely in Italian. I speak at a normal pace, I don't speak slowly to make it easier to understand what I'm saying. These lessons are not aimed at beginners or those who would like to learn Italian from scratch. These video lessons are part of an online course aimed at those who want to improve their level and go from intermediate level (B2) to advanced level Italian (C1/C2). Here you can find a list of my lessons.

Note: In this brief overview I refer only to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels.

These lessons are suited for your level if:

  • you understand Italian;
  • you have already learned the basics of the Italian language (levels A1, A2, B1);
  • you have already learned basic Italian grammar (which roughly corresponds to the levels A1, A2, B1);
  • you have already developed a relatively big passive vocabulary;
  • you are able to understand most of what you hear or read;
  • you have developed good listening skills;
  • you are used to watch or listen to videos, podcasts, vlogs or video lessons in Italian;
  • you understand content aimed at B2 level learners;
  • you have passed A1, A2 and B1 Italian exams or test (or you would likely pass them);
  • you have reached (independently from your certifications or the exams you passed) the intermediate level, especially when it comes to your listening skills.

Given that these lessons are entirely in Italian, to make the most out of them, you should be able to understand what is being said by a native speaker who is speaking at a normal pace (to learn more about how to use these podcasts, click here).

If you understand spoken Italian, these lessons are suited for you. It doesn't matter where and how you learned the basics of the Italian language, what matters it that you are actually able to understand fluent Italian.

If you have already reached the intermediate level and want to improve your Italian by watching some videos, this website is for you! Below I'm gonna explain what type of learners will benefit from these lessons and what type of learners are unlikely to benefit from these lessons.

What type of learners will benefit from these lessons?

These lessons have been designed for those who wish to improve their level and speak Italian well. I have in mind those learners who understand Italian, but would like to practice in order to speak fluent Italian. These lessons are not geared towards those who would like to learn basic Italian or a few useful phrases they could use in a trip to Italy.

You will benefit from these videos if:

  • you want to speak Italian better;
  • you want to get closer to real proficiency (that is, a native-like proficiency);
  • you want to expand your Italian vocabulary by learning more proverbs, sayings, idioms, idiomatic phrases, untranslatable phrases used by native speakers, etc.;
  • you want to understand how to avoid the most common errors by learners of Italian;
  • you want to practice with authentic contents;
  • you need a specific Italian language certifications for administrative or educational reasons;
  • you need to pass an advanced (C1/C2) o upper intermediate (B2) Italian exam;
  • you need to pass a specific university exam related to the Italian language.

These lessons are suited for you if:

  • you are looking for online resources for learning Italian on your own;
  • you want to practice Italian by watching free video lessons;
  • you are looking for Italian learning podcasts;
  • you are looking for an online Italian course;
  • you prefer authentic materials which are closer to everyday, spoken Italian;
  • you believe in the usefulness of contents specifically designed for learners of Italian as a second language.

What type of learners will NOT benefit from these lessons?

These lessons are not suited for the following types of learners:

  • those who would like to learn Italian starting from scratch (complete beginners);
  • those who think that they already speak perfect Italian;
  • those who believe that they speak Italian like a native speaker;
  • those who think that Italian language lessons are useless;
  • those who believe that, in order to learn to speak good Italian, one just need to watch vlogs, tv series and fun videos in italian;
  • those who wish to learn Italian automatically and think that explanations are useless;
  • those who think that one can't improve their level by watching some videos;
  • those who only trust traditional instruction as a way to learn a foreign language;
  • those who believe that, in order to learn a foreign language, you only need to learn grammar;
  • those who think that the only thing that will help you improve your Italian is doing grammatical exercises on your notebook;
  • those who (in principle) would like to improve their Italian, but are not motivated and are looking for a source of motivation;
  • those who would like to speak great Italian without investing their time in this activity (including those who wish to learn Italian while they sleep);
  • those who would like to improve their Italian having fun with a super-funny, super-amazing, super-hilarious vlog;
  • those whou would like to learn the Italian language with an app with a colorful and cute interface which will make them feel better about themselves;
  • who is doing searches such as: "How to learn Italian in 5 minutes", "Learn Italian easily", "Learn Italian fast", etc.

As for motivation, I would like to point out that I'm not a motivational speaker and my job is not to motivate people to learn Italian. If you are looking for a motivational video or an article that will explain to you why you shouldn't quit learning Italian, I'm sorry, but you won't find them here.

My goal is to create and publish high-quality video lessons for those who want to learn something new about the Italian language. If you wish to speak fluent Italian, these lessons are for you!